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Music Education Services (MES) provides comprehensive band programs to elementary schools.  

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March, 2017
All of our students have been working very hard on learning a solo picked specifically for them. This year 46% of our students will be attending Solo & Ensemble Festival. Those who have not chosen to attend will still need to perform their solo for their director. Either way this has been a wonderful learning experience and we are so proud of them! The dividend of their hard work is paying off! What was once deemed as difficult can now be played. 

I would like to wish of our Solo Festival participants all the best on performing their solo piece! Please remember to enjoy the experience and have fun! 
Steven A. Nierman
Music Education Services
Solo & Ensemble Festival has arrived with 5 festivals happening this and next Saturday (3/04 & 3/11). By now you should have received your scheduled time in the regular mail. If you have any last minute questions about what to bring, how to dress, etc... Click here for the details and other helpful preparation resources! Best of luck! 
Honors Band is a yearly event hosted by Music Education Services, bringing students together to play challenging music. The Concert & Symphonic Bands, which are determined through a selection process, will perform on Saturday April 29th, 2017 at Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church. Selected students will participate in a full day event with various conductors, sectionals, and a final concert.
This truly is an honor! Our directors will be notifying selected students in the coming days. Once they receive the music, it is crucial that the students dedicate practice time so they may perform at their best possible ability. 
Click here for more information about Honors Band.
In March, the National Association for Music Education leads the country in celebrating Music in Our Schools. This is a time where the entire nation raises awareness in the community for music through special activities and concerts. 
Music empowers and enriches the lives of students and our job is to make that known! It is important to support music education because it is fun, it teaches students life-long skills, and also creates a way for students to safely express themselves. These opportunities should be available to all students. Thanks for supporting the band program in your child's school! 
At the end of the month, the second progress report will be mailed to you. It is important that you go over this information with your child so they have an idea of how they are progressing and know that you care about their musical development. This feedback is also important for your child to know that their teacher cares about them and wants to give them individual attention. 
If you have any questions or concerns about the progress report, please feel free to contact your child's teacher. We are happy to help!
One of our band students chose to use their Honors Band experience to write a personal narrative for their English class. Have you ever thought what Honors Band is actually like? Find out what happens at Honors Band and what goes through the mind of a student. Check this out
Music  -- whether it's prenatally, in infancy, or throughout childhood  -- helps neurons in our brains form connections that may help us understand language; in adults, music can lower blood pressure and help regulate heart rate. Some hospitals play music for preemies in the neonatal intensive care unit. Researchers have discovered that such music  -- or even just Mom humming  -- may help babies gain weight faster and leave the preemie ward earlier. See full article here.
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Music Education Services, 1041 Bonaventure Drive, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
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