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Music Education Services (MES) provides comprehensive band programs to elementary schools.  

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January, 2018

Thank you for supporting music education and the band experience! All of the December concerts were a success and provided the students with an opportunity to share their abilities with family and friends. We are proud that over 93% of the students who joined us at the beginning of the school year are still in band. With the start of a new year our focus will be on the upcoming Solo & Ensemble Festivals, Honors Band, and the next round of concerts. 
Steven A. Nierman
Music Education Services
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We consider Solo & Ensemble Festival to be an important part of our curriculum. Preparation for the event fosters significant growth in each child's development. Participation itself is not mandatory, however if a student elects not to attend the festival they will still perform their solo piece for their director. If they do participate they will perform their piece in front of a judge with a piano accompanist and earn either a gold, silver, or bronze medal. 
You will be receiving a Solo & Ensemble Festival registration letter in the regular mail next week. Please keep an eye out for it. Completed registration forms will be due back by February 5th. Following are the 5 festival dates and locations. 
Saturday March 3, 2018:
  • North Chicago & Near North Suburban @ St. Philip Lutheran School in Chicago
  • Northwest Suburban @ St. Peter Lutheran School in Schaumburg
Saturday March 10, 2018:
  • North & Far Northwest Suburban @ Frassati Catholic Academy in Wauconda
  • Aurora area, Southwest Suburban & South Side of Chicago @ Trinity Lutheran School in Tinley Park
  • Rockford Area @ St. Bridget Catholic School in Rockford
All students should have already received a solo from their director. It is meant to be a long term project. At first glance, the solo will look challenging. Your child may have looked at the piece and thought there was no way they would ever be able to play it. However over time they will begin to see that they can perform the piece. Solos are individually selected by each director, specifically for your child! Our band directors will be scheduling extra practices in the weeks ahead of the festival to help students prepare. The solo experience allows the student to gain confidence, self discipline, and a stronger work ethic. The progress is gradual and sometimes slow. The benefits come in a students overall improvement, confidence level and realization that with hard work they can accomplish what they once thought was impossible. Last year just over half of our students participated in the Festival. All of our directors will concur that the solo participants develop into the strongest players in the band. 
Not sure if your child should participate in the festival? Click HERE to view Q & A about the event!
Just a reminder that instruments should be stored inside during winter months. Cold temperatures can damage woodwind pads & corks, as well as warp reeds, cause brass valves & slides to stick, and percussion heads to crack. Repairs may be costly and make it difficult for your child to play. If left in the cold, it is important that the instrument remain in the case and stays closed to slowly warm-up before playing to avoid drastic temperature changes. 
The 2018 Honors Band Festival will be held on Saturday, April 28th at Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church. The Festival will feature two bands; the Symphonic Band and the Concert Band. Honors Band is open to all of our advanced students. 
This year students must audition to be considered for the Symphonic Band, The Concert Band will be selected by director nominations like in years past. Videos from students auditioning for the Symphonic Honors Band are due by this Sunday, January 7th, 2018. Information on how to audition can be found by clicking HERE
About this time, beginner clarinets will be working on a new and difficult skill: crossing the break. The break refers to the transition from one register to the next, typically notes A to B. This skill is not easy and students may become frustrated. Click HERE for ideas on how to help them achieve this!
Are you a parent who is still not sure how to help your child practice? You may be saying... "I'm not a musician, I can't read music." Now think to yourself... do you enjoy or listen to music? If so, you are absolutely able to help them! Check out our website for some Practice Tips & Ideas
Calling all 8th graders!!! Have you thought about your musical career in high school? Now would be a good time to start thinking about your future. We hope that you continue to grow as a musician and participate in band as a high school student. It is your responsibility to contact your future high school to learn what musical opportunities may be in store for you and what requirements are necessary to participate. Some schools may require a letter of recommendation or audition. Your director will be more than happy to help! If you do need a letter of recommendation or any forms filled out, be sure to give your director ample time to best represent you. 
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