A Look Back from a Junior in High School...

"I am sending this email to let everyone at MES know that without MES, I would not be the band student I am today. I started playing with MES on clarinet when I was in fifth grade, and I'm currently a junior in high school. When I was graduating 8th grade and leaving MES, my parents, my band director, and my fellow peers encouraged me to continue with band in high school. I did continue, and I do not regret it one bit. So I'm encouraging current MES students to strongly consider continuing with band in high school. There are so many opportunities for high school band students such as concert bands, jazz bands, pit orchestras for various musicals, and marching band. Just this past Thanksgiving break, I had the wonderful opportunity to perform at Walt Disney World with my school's marching band and choir. I am also one of three drum majors for the marching band at my school. These are just some of the amazing opportunities that I've been given because I continued with band in high school. However, if it weren't for MES, I wouldn't have experienced any of that. I want this note to act as encouragement for current MES students. I strongly suggest you continue with band when you go off to high school. Not only do you get amazing opportunities to showcase your talent, you will meet amazing people and make many long-lasting friendships. Continuing with band or just with music in general when you start high school will change your life for the better."

- Julia K.

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