Humans have used bells for musical, ritual, religious, and signaling purposes throughout history. Bells were used in China before 2000 BC, and ancient Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, and Romans utilized them, as well.

The metal, mallet-struck bells are part of a family of instruments known as metallophones. This family of instruments, which descended from the wooden xylophone, includes the vibraharp and glockenspiel, as well as several instruments used in the "gamelan," Indonesia's famed percussion orchestra.

Based on information found on-line in the Encarta Encyclopedia.

Care and Maintenance

Place the bells on the stand with the larger bars to your left. Alter the position of the instrument so that it rests a few inches below waist level. The music stand should be located right above the bells so as to easily view the music and the bars at once.

Check the screws on bells. Tighten as needed.

Wipe the drum shell and bells with a soft cloth.

Portions of the assembly instructions were written based on information found in Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method by Bruce Pearson; Neil A. Kjos Music Co., Publisher

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