Drums have existed since at least 6000 BC, and have played sacred or ceremonial roles in most every society. Among people of Central Asia and the tribes of Native America, shallow frame drums are used in shaman rituals. In both Europe and Africa, drums were associated with royalty.

Beyond their musical uses of keeping time and carrying complex rhythms and counter-rhythms, drums have been used to signal messages over many miles in Africa, and to communicate military maneuvers to infantry units in Europe.

Based on information found on-line in the Encarta Encyclopedia.

Care and Maintenance

When using a stand, check it for loose parts and tighten as needed. The stand must be positioned below the "shelf" for the drum, and the practice pad should be placed under the drum and on top of the stand. This prevents the head from being punctured by parts of the stand.

Set up the drum stand by fully extending all three drum supports and making them level with the floor. When setting the drum on the stand, make sure that the snares are oriented downward and that the snare release lever is located right in front of you. The drum should fit snugly on the stand a few inches below waist level, and angled slightly toward you.

Every drum includes a "key," which is a wrench for the rods that attach the rim and head to the body of the drum. Parents can check the rods to make sure they are tight. Ask the director to check for proper tension. Do not over-tighten the rods.

Only use drum sticks to strike the drum head.

To avoid puncturing the drum head, always place the drum properly in its case. Clean the drum head with a cloth and any gentle, non-abrasive cleaner.

Portions of the assembly instructions were written based on information found in Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method by Bruce Pearson; Neil A. Kjos Music Co., Publisher

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