Our Mission

Mission Statement

Music Education Services will provide the highest quality of instrumental education to the greatest number of students by developing a solid foundation for musical knowledge and experience, and by expanding each individual student’s interest and love of music through caring instruction and performance. 


Our Faculty furthers this mission by:

  • Pursuing excellence in teaching by using appropriate teaching styles and methods as well as being PROMPT, PREPARED, and POSITIVE.
  • Treating each student as an individual with unique talents, needs and potential.
  • Setting attainable goals to create in each student a pride of accomplishment.
  • Establishing a nurturing environment for musical instruction and learning.
  • Giving encouragement and guidance without ridicule and sarcasm.
  • Fostering enthusiasm by creating dynamic programs that are an exciting and rewarding part of each school.
  • Promoting the values of music and the program throughout the school community.
  • Being a role model and showing our joy and love for music while celebrating the achievements of our students.


Our staff furthers this mission by:

  • Communicating clearly and promptly with faculty.
  • Effectively communicating with parents on matters of both educational and business concerns.
  • Providing the comprehensive support service that enables the faculty to effectively further their mission.

Management furthers this mission by:

  • Seeking highly qualified faculty and staff.
  • Appropriately evaluating faculty and staff.
  • Enriching the faculty through clinics and seminars.
  • Providing realistic expectations based on unique school environments.
  • Providing schools with an understanding of the role music plays in education.
  • Effectively using faculty meetings to exchange instructional ideas and teaching techniques with a carefully planned agenda distributed in advance.


In summation, Music Education Services will provide students with a high quality musical experience through a team of goal oriented, dedicated and qualified educators and staff.

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 Music Education Services
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Music Education Services (MES) provides comprehensive band programs to elementary schools.  

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