Concert Etiquette

In this age of computer games and music technology, going to listen to live musical performances is becoming less and less common. While it may not be a Chicago Symphony performance, our young band students need and deserve the audience's attention at all performances. Here are some gentle reminders:

  • Arrive on time.
    People entering the performance area in the middle of a piece are distracting to the musicians. If you do arrive late, wait until after a piece is finished before entering.
  • Stay for the entire performance.
    Most concerts only run about an hour long, many are even shorter. It is not fair for those who perform last to have a smaller audience, and all band members should support each other. Younger band members especially benefit from hearing the more experienced groups!
  • Keep small children quietly occupied.
    Of course, it is expected that younger siblings may attend performances. Please have quiet activities for them to do so that they can stay in their seat. It may also be a good idea to sit near an exit or aisle in case the child needs to use the "potty" or stretch their legs a bit (away from the performance).
  • Refrain from talking.
    Young players need a good example of a respectful audience. Staying quiet during and between musical pieces (except for applause) sets the tone for a successful performance and allows all musicians to concentrate!
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