Why Join the Band?

  • The Chance to Change a Life!
    Music is an important part of every child’s life. But few students have the chance to learn the language of music, to read it, to feel it, to actually play it. Your child has that opportunity this fall as we start Beginning Band! As a parent, you can introduce music into the life of your child, while broadening and substantively improving your child’s education.
  • Music is Fun!
    Just listening to music is enjoyable, but playing it is even better! Participating in band gives a student the chance to be part of a team of kids learning, growing and taking part in the creation of music. There is always 100% involvement. There is no “second string” or “riding the bench” in band.
  • Music Develops the Mind
    Science is discovering exciting new details about how music helps develop the mind. Learning to play an instrument has now been linked to improved math skills and other higher order thinking. National research proves that children who study an instrument in school get higher grades! To read more about how band participation can improve your child’s test scores, grades, and analytical ability, click here.
  • Music for Life
    A child who learns to perform music develops an entirely new dimension in their life. Music is the universal language. The young musician will learn musical history and traditions, while developing an appreciation for the diversity of other cultures. Your child will learn creativity, and learn to judge the quality of the music he or she hears. Your child will begin to look at music as an art, and listen with a whole new perspective.
  • No Experience Necessary!
    Getting started is easy. A group of professional musicians from Music Education Services will perform a concert at your school demonstrating the instruments in the band. A few days later, every student will have the chance to try out the instruments. MES will return to schools with interested students and parents for registration. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 847-805-1800.
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Music Education Services (MES) provides comprehensive band programs to elementary schools.