Instrument Website Links

If you want to find the history of the flute and a list of players, go to
“Flute World” is a good place to find flute music.

The International Clarinet Association website contains information about the clarinet plus multiple links.
Another good website is “The Clarinet Pages” . This is the home of many links and resources including “Young People’s Pages” which is made specifically for students.

If you go to and click on the links button, you can find interesting articles about the saxophone.

A good place to go for information on the trumpet is “The International Trumpet Guild

A very useful site for trombones is Click on the “General Area” for all types of useful information.
Another useful site for beginners is This section of is just for beginners.

The website of the Percussion Arts Society has rudiments, video clips plus much more. (Go to downloads).
The website for also has good online interactive lessons.
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