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As a parent investing in your child’s music education, it is very important to invest in a quality instrument.  So called “bargain” Instrument, available online or at discount stores, may seem tempting; however, experience has proven over and over again that these instruments are truly no “bargain” at all.  Most often, the low price is the result of poor workmanship and lower quality materials.  These instruments usually break more easily and are difficult, sometimes impossible, to repair.  In many cases, they cannot be played in tune and the quality of the sound they produce is very poor.  It is disheartening to see a child’s enthusiasm for music destroyed by an instrument that does not allow them to reach their full potential.  A poor quality instrument also affects the overall sound of the band, tarnishing the experience for all.

It is with these concerns in mind that we provide you with this list of recommended band instrument brands and accessories.  We have found over the years that these instruments are durable, easy to repair, and will give your child the best opportunity to succeed as a young musician.  (The brands are not listed in any particular order.)
If the instrument you are considering is not listed here, ask the seller for the instrument specifications and consult with your child’s band director before you rent or buy.

Gemeinhardt (e.g. 52SP,  2SP, 2SPA)
Armstrong (e.g. 104)
Yamaha (e.g. YFL221)
Accessories: swab, cleaning/tuning rod

Selmer (e.g. 1492B)
Yamaha (e.g. YOB241)
Accessories: 2 part silk swab, cork grease,  Jones med. soft reed

Leblanc (e.g. 7214, 7212)
Selmer (e.g. CL301, CL201)
Buffet (e.g. B12, E-11)
Yamaha (any)
Accessories: swab, cork grease, reeds (size 2 ½)

Selmer (e.g. AS400)
Yamaha (e.g. YAS23A, YAS23)
Accessories: swab, cork grease, reeds (size 2 ½)

Jupiter (e.g. JTR700)
Selmer/Bach (e.g. TR300H)
Yamaha (e.g. 2335A)
Accessories: slide grease, valve oil

French Horn
Conn (e.g. 14D)
Yamaha (e.g. YFR314, YHR314 II)
Holton (e.g. H602)
Bach (e.g. 1101)
Accessories: slide grease, rotary valve oil

Jupiter (e.g. JTB700)
Bach (e.g. TB300)
Conn (e.g. 22H)
Yamaha (e.g. YSL354)
Accessories:  slide grease,  slide cream

Jupiter JEP700
Yamaha YEP201
Bach B1104
Accessories:  slide grease

Percussion Kit (snare drum/bells with sticks/mallets)
Mapex MCK1432
Ludwig LE2483RBR

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