Student Essay

The following essay was voluntarily written by an Intermediate band student who has a passion for band! This student was asked to write a persuasive essay for a school class and chose to persuade others to join the band. See what she has to say!

Join Band
By Cate

           Did you know that at a high school in Southern California, band students’ grade averages were 3.59, while for non-band students it was 2.91? Band is helpful academically, fun, and my school band has a great band teacher. You should join band!

            To begin with, band is helpful academically. It won’t give you A’s overnight, but students in band class often have higher grades than those who aren’t. In high school, you can get scholarships through band, which can be very helpful in college. Band is especially good at raising math grades because, after all, music is math because of all the counting you need to do. Also, band helps teach kids about teamwork. Band students must work together to play songs well and listen to each other’s instruments’ sounds.

            Secondly, band is fun! If you like instruments, writing songs or lyrics, singing, or just listening to music, band might be right for you. There, you may find friends who have the same musical interest as you. In band you can also play all sorts of cool songs, from the mysterious “Eclipsys” to the fun and jazzy “Band Class Swing.” And every year, students have a choice to perform in Solofest, where they individually perform a song before a judge. They can earn a gold, silver, or bronze medal, depending on their performance.

            My third reason for joining band is that my school has a wonderful band teacher. My teacher sometimes gives out little prizes, like LifeSavers, if you have practiced or remembered your pencil. She also gives great advice on posture and helps students improve their sound. My teacher cares about us and is very supportive.

            There are many reasons for joining band. It is fun, educational, and my school band has a great teacher. You can learn a little more, meet a friend, and have a good time. Join band!


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