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All students need to work on their scales, book assignments and sheet music outside of band.  

Practicing is essential for continued improvement.  

All students should be practicing at least three times a week to ensure continued improvement.


Solo Festival is Saturday, March 9th

All students have recieved a Solo and should be working on it. It gives them a long term goal, teaches new rhythms, new notes and should provide a challenge. Students are critiqued on style, dynamics, articulations, tone, rhythmic accuracy, tempo to name a few.

Participating is the best thing your child can do to improve through out the year. I always notice a big improvement from the students that attend. Not only in their playing ability but their confidence. Encourage your child to attend.



Performance dates for Cross, Holy Angels, St. Irene, St. Mary and Parkview



Performance dates for St. Joseph



Honors Band Information 

Click Here for Help accessing Google Classroom for audition


Audition Scales PDF: 

Flute   Clarinet   Alto Sax   Trumpet   Trombone     Bells    Snare


Audition Excerpts PDF :

Flute   Clarinet   Alto Sax   Trumpet   Trombone   Bells/Snare



Check out this great tool to help your child practice!



















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